What We Do

For us, founder and management teams are our superheroes. And, thus, we back innovators – both management team and business models, that redefine the status quo. We take pride in our investment philosophy that does not fit a conventional model, just like the innovators we back.

We strongly believe that any formulaic approach to investing leads to risk-averse strategies, which subsequently stifles innovation and differentiation. Therefore, we avoid restrictive boundaries around ideas, growth opportunities and management team profiles. To find extraordinary opportunities, we do not shy away from contrarian ideas.

Our Philosopy

Given our DNA of having walked the road less travelled, we are always on the lookout for red-blooded business models, that have the relentless drum beat of progress and ‘selling-in-90-days’ scenarios as their driver assumptions. We have a strict no copycat and no university spinouts philosophy embedded in the DNA of our investment thesis.